Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Here's just a simple tote bag I was playing around with. I'd like to add some pockets and spice it up a little before it's ready for sale but the overall idea came out pretty.


Here's a special order purse I did this weekend. Came out fabulous and the colors are so rich. The interior pockets are done in the same print as the outter bag fabric.

I think I have about 4 more to get everyone caught up.


These 2 bow-tucks are going out for sale this week. Thought I'd try a Gator purse since so many women follow football and the paisley one would make an amazing holiday bag.


Again in these photos you can see how differnt this purse looks just by changing the colors. The blue one is very soft and feminine looking yet the black one is very dramatic and attention grabbing.

Yellow & Purple Bow Tucks

The yellow and blue bow-tuck came out very pretty and summery looking. The parrot purse is not for the faint of heart. You have to love bright colors. That one I made for myself.

These are the original ones and I'm still modifying the pattern here and there to get an improved end result. I wish I could get good pictures of all the interior pockets on this purse design.


Here are the original 2 bow-tuck purses I made. These will give you an idea of the size beteeen the regular (shoe fabric) and small sized (blue) purses. Each purse can be made with a button closure or just left open. Both are just as attractive.